Calculator feedback (pure css/javascript/html)

I haven’t ran any tests yet, but would appreciate some feedback.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Having also created my own version of the project recently, I am relatively familiar with the tests. You should run them as I can tell that there are at least a few that do not pass due to various outlier cases involving operators.

I think your design isn’t bad but you should reorganise your buttons into a more conventional order. I kept pressing the wrong button because what I was looking for was not in the right place.

A problem many people seem to have with this project is handling recurring decimals. entering 1/3 and then multiplying the result of that equation by 3 should equal 1 not 0.99.

I hope this helps.

There seems to be an issue, that before any calculations, if I were to input numbers that reach the number limit, the calculator throws a message saying that max limit is met, or something like that. But when you go to clear out the numbers from the calculator itself, you won’t be able to enter anything in still, because of that number check.

good point about the buttons, I’ll rearrange them. I’ll have a look at the recurring decimals too. Thanks. I’ll update once the codepen has the fixes.

Thanks for that, fixed it. I’m actually going to be using these small projects to try and land a juinior dev role so any bug catches are much appreciated.

updated -