Looking for feedback on my Calculator

Hi all im looking for feedback on my calculator and would appreciate it if you could check it out to see if i have missed any bugs

Also if you could have a quick look at the javascript code as i really really tried to write modular code with the hope of making it easyish for anybody looking at it to understand what was going on in each step

i went with creating a lot of small functions aimed at doing a specific task which i hope would make the workings of this calculator easy to understand and debug and for others to step through and understand what happens when any button is pressed

any way look forward to your thoughts

you can find my Calculator here PROJECT LINK - https://repl.it/E3C9/37

@P1xt thanks very much for your review … really appreciated …

as for you queries … the max exceeded for 10,1000 * 10,000 is because the calculator only allows 8 digits on top line so max that fits is 99,999,999 might look into setting digits smaller if larger numbers are required … eventually i have to hit a limit
as to why not get a formatted answer like when multiplying 0.0001 * 0.0001 … i never even considered multiplying numbers like that lol and it set the format like that itself (probably due to way i tried to limit numbers to two decimal places eg if 7 is divided by 3 …
nice catch …
out of every thing floating point conversion and dealing with numbers when divided was something i wasnt expecting to be a stumbling block didnt realize it wasnt straight forward … will have to look more into this area.

big thanks for pointing out how i could reduce my functions further sometimes its easy to miss things that should be obvious.

And i will look at adding comments … i have a major weakness in this area (rarely to never add comments)

Anyway really appreciate you taking the time to look at this and leaving me some pointers

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