Check Out My Portfolio

Hey everyone,
Just completed this challenge check it out here :

I use a bit of dummy text that will soon turn to real text about me etc.
and the portfolio section will soon show my projects as they are worked on


It looks pretty clean, and it’ll be nice once you have a few more portfolio items to display / real text. The responsiveness is nicely done.

One thing I’d be cautious about is that having a YouTube video that’s flagged “explicit” might come off as less professional than you necessarily want, especially if the people seeing the page are potential employers - I know some companies are pretty finicky about maintaining their image or whatever, so it might seem like a red flag to them

anyways, good job. I like the way you used the icons across the bottom

edit: I can’t remember if you need to have more in the “contact” section to fulfill the requirements for the challenge - maybe double check that?