Check out my tribute page. Feedback is extremely, greatly, highly, deeply, truly, remarkably, excessively, and exceedingly appreciated!

Here is my tribute page. Check it out and gimme all yo feedbackz.

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I like your tribute page. It looks good and it’s responsive when resizing the window.

The only areas for improvement I can think of are the Wikipedia link and making sure the text is easy to read:

Wikipedia link:

  • It’s the only part of the page that is not responsive. When you resize the window to a small width (or when you use the mobile view in Chrome developer mode) the text doesn’t wrap.

  • the W icon is an interesting idea but it looks too much like the text that follows so at first glance it looks like a typo. I’m not sure how it could be improved. Maybe with a different background from the rest of the button? Or change the button colour so that the white of the icon stands out? Or a border?

  • It’s not very obvious that it is a link. For all the user knows it could just be text with a border. This is a minor thing in the context of the assignment because it didn’t ask for responsiveness and on desktop the mouseover shows it’s a link. But since most of your page works great on mobile, I thought I’d mention it. How does the user on mobile know it’s a link? It doesn’t look like a link and it doesn’t really look like a button either.

Making the text easier to read:

  • I’d increase the whitespace between the paragraphs to give the text some breathing room.

  • I’d change the font. I find this one difficult to read, especially since there is so much text.

  • The first paragraph: I notice you made it darker than the rest to make it stand out but it’s so subtle I thought it was a mistake (then my daughter pointed out that it’s a standard way of drawing the reader in). Consider making it stand out more, maybe by making the following whitespace a bit bigger than the others, or adding some kind of separator, or using a slightly bigger font.

… I realise I’ve written lots of comments for what are really minor issues. I think you’re doing great.

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Wow! I’m glad you really checked out my page. Thanks a lot. I thought this forum wasn’t responsive.

  • About the wiki link button, yeah, I saw it doesn’t wrap the text or anything. I didn’t sweat it too much as I am just beginning here. But now that you pointed out, I’ll take another look at it.
  • The W icon in the button can probably be fixed. I’ll do it right away.
  • Hmm, I actually kinda liked the subtlety, and I thought it this way: the button already says “read more…”, the touchscreen user would understand he has to do a boop at the text. But I’ll see what I can do about this.
  • Increase whitespace between ps? Will do.
  • Change the font? Will do. Even I don’t find it very comfortable for reading.
  • Yeah, the slightly darker color of the first paragraph is intentional. But what you’re saying makes sense. I’ll make changes to it.

I built the page really quickly without sweating the small stuff as I was a little worried about the 50 hour time limit. But now, I am starting to think that fcc doesn’t really care about how long you take to finish a project. I hope I’m not wrong.

Thank you again for being so kind. And your daughter too.

As far as I know you don’t have to do everything in 50 hours. In any case FreeCodeCamp has no way of checking how long you spend on your projects (note that you don’t have to use CodePen, you could be working locally and uploading your project to GitHub or elsewhere when it’s finished). The 50 hours are mentioned so that you know what to expect in terms of time commitment.

Please take everything I said about your tribute page with a pinch of salt as I’m not very experienced in front-end development myself. Only change what you agree with, some things might be a matter of opinion. You might be right that the button saying “read more…” might be enough clue for the user, I don’t really know. At the end of the day, it’s your web page, you decide.

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I understand. I’ve changed quite a few things. I think I’m going to stay with what I have, at least for now.

Very nice, Best one i have seen. try adding 1 more image with all that text (mid way, doesn’t have to be big)

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Thanks a lot! I would have added another image, but the problem is there aren’t a lot of images (of acceptable quality) of Ramanujan. Even the one that I inserted is Photoshopped by me! So, I’m kinda stuck with one image. I tried to compensate the lack of another image with the 1729 tidbit.

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Okay its fine, i like the information. Seems like you did a lot of research.