Checkbox and radio button

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<label for="indoor"> 
<input id="indoor" value="indoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor">Indoor 
<label for="outdoor"> 
<input id="outdoor" value="outdoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor">Outdoor 

<label for="loving"><input id="loving" type="checkbox" name="personality" value="loving"> Loving</label>
<label for="lazy"><input id="lazy" type="checkbox" name="lazy" value="lazy">lazy</label>

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Challenge: Use the value attribute with Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

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Hello @Aman_mistry ,
don’t know where are you struggling on this exercise , but: has to be equal for all three checkboxes

name = "personality"

2 the word displayed in your html must starts with an upperscore , i.e. Lazy .
3 you are missing the third one, the energetic!