Checklist before launching website.What do you think about this?

Hello! I’ve built a landing page for one company, but before launching I’d like to check it, because I’m doing it for the first time. Which checklist would you reccomend to look at before launching?
What do you think about this one?

Looks good, but it depends on some stuffs too.

First, is it(your work) just a static page? or it has places that should be fulfilled by some back-end coding? if yes then needs some more checking.

Also does your page come with any form for sending some data to server? if yes then needs some more checking.

The functionality section in article you shared, could be a little more challenging. for instance it didn’t stated possible captcha for forms, or using SSL(no obsolete ciphers), or form tokens, …

Same about analytics section, I believe many browser/users come and visit pages with ad and analytics libraries/script blocked. So you should not count on results 100%, most accurate way is using server which is a little hard.

In security and backup section also, it started the user and pass should be stored in secure database. true of course it should be secure, but passwords should be saved hashed.

Again, it depends on your work. This could be very easy, or complicated. Do you code the backend coding too? What is the backend platform? lang? os? framework? web server? and many other questions.

Those checklist could help about static pages I believe, but please assume items noted above too, but it’s not static(dynamic, powered by some backend coding) then no, this needs some more checklists.

keep goin on great work, happy programming.

Thank you vey much for your answer. I’ve built a simple site by using html,css,bootstrap and jquery, I want to learn php, because it’s a necessary thing, but for now I just want a simple site with catalogue and gallery pages. Then I want to use this starter theme to move the site to WordPress, and finally add contact form 7 plugin. So what do you think about it?

for now you may constraint on design and UI/UX stuffs to bring the page look great.

Later as you start some back-end like php, it will open up some more doors for you. Just like wordpress you mentioned, they do many stuffs for you, and you should not worry about too much.

SHould not be worry about back-edn stuffs for now, but once you start it, please take it serious. A bad design may not bring critical stuffs, but a bad back-end code could make a real hell for system.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming