Checkout my Conway's Game of Life built with React!

Just finished up the project for creating Conway’s Game of Life using React. I had some trouble making the game run at a good speed especially when the game board got larger. I tried 4 or 5 different refactors to make things more efficient and I think I’ve finally got something I’m happy with.

I would love some feedback or any other thoughts/comments, so let me know what you thing!

Here’s the link to the project on CodePen: Conway’s Game of Life

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Once I click clear the board during the first game, I can change the board size and click start, but then do not see anything on the board. It is completely blank. I have to completely shutdown the window and relaunch the codepen again to start another board. I consider this a significant bug.

You can click the squares in the new board to toggle them between alive and dead after you clear the board! You can also do this while the game is running at any other time. Maybe I should indicate that somewhere so that it’s obvious. And maybe I should also randomize the board again when it’s resized.

Thanks for your comments!