Checkout my weatherapp!

took me a while (1 1/2 months), but i got it to a state that i would say ‘beta’

deployed to firebase

i know it looks pretty rough. but i would like some pointers on what to iterate further with this.

built with React. very new to React, so the code is probably pretty bad but i try to adhere to a good standard

forgot to mention that it also works on mobile / tablet

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Hey @technicolor1 I’m not at the point of giving coding advice but from an ease of use standpoint I’d implement a way to choose my option with an enter key. For example (zip-code + enter key) brings me to the next page rather than having to move from my numpad to my mouse :slight_smile:

thanks for input!

you can scroll through the Google Autocomplete results with arrow keys, then press enter and will fetch everything.

Nice! How about adding a Google map.


why should i need a google map?

You don’t “need” a map, it’s one of those “nice to have” things, adds a bit of graphics on the webpage. Makes it look less boring with all text.

On my weather app, I did the opposite. I displayed the user’s current location on a map, and let them drag the map to anywhere and then display the weather at that new location.
(there’s 4 FCC projects in this URL, so just drag the other windows out of the way, or turn them off)

Anyways, you met the FCC challenge and some more. You can go to the next project, or keep tweaking/practicing more on this stuff.

— In the real world, when a client sees their project, they would seem to always ask for one more additional thing now that they’ve seen it working. So me, the developer, always answer “Sure…” then I just figure it out later, and charge them the additional hours. :slight_smile:

hmm adding a map isn’t a bad idea. i did try to add some graphics, like weather icons and the chart

I would love to keep tweaking it, but i am not sure. i found myself asking if it is worth continuing solely to put it in my portfolio (to make it look good and not boring as you said), or for other people to use. personally i like it to be the latter, it’s encouraging to know there are users.