Choropleth Map - Problem showing legend's text

Hello !

I have the Choropleth Map completed and with all tests passing, but I have a problem with the legend part which I can’t resolve.

I’m able to show the legend’s colors, but I can’t find the way to show the corresponding text next to each color.

Here is my legend’s code:

const colors = [
    "color": "#ffcccc",
    "text": "Less than 15%"
    "color": "#ff8080",
    "text": "Less than 30%"
    "color": "#ff0000",
    "text": "Less than 45%"
    "color": "#990000",
    "text": "More than 45%"

const legendWidth = 220
const legendHeight = 120

const legendRectWidth = 30
const legendRectHeight = legendHeight / colors.length

let legend ="#legend")
  .attr("width", legendWidth)
  .attr("height", legendHeight)
  .attr("fill", (c, i) => colors[i].color)
  .attr("x", 0)
  .attr("y", (c, i) => legendRectHeight * i)
  .attr("width", legendRectWidth)
  .attr("height", legendRectHeight)  

  .attr("fill", "black")
  .attr("x", legendRectWidth + 10)
  .attr("y", (c, i) => legendRectHeight * i)
  .text((c, i) => colors[i].text)
  .style("font-size", "12px")

And, also, the link to the project:

I appreciate any help!

When you first define the legend in JavaScript write:

let legend ="#legend")

.attr(“width”, legendWidth)
.attr(“height”, legendHeight)

instead of

let legend ="#legend")
.attr(“width”, legendWidth)
.attr(“height”, legendHeight)

This should solve the issue.

I am sure there is a good way to explain, why this is… I currently don’t know it :smiley:

Welcome, Pedro.

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Okay. It was my first post and I didn’t know. I will take this into consideration from now on. Thanks!

Yes, it works!! I spent a lot of time and it was just this… It’s a strange issue, not intuitive at all.

I’m happy it’s working now. Thanks!