Christmas Menu Survey Form


I have had a go building a survey form and I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this

Here is the link

Thank you


Great job, looks good! :ok_hand:

Thank you :blush: @cbanlawi

Hi @Ruz159! Congratulations for completing your project!:clap::clap:

I like the clean layout, font size and spacing you have used. All these elements favor good readability.:ok_hand:

However, in the survey-header, the combination of that background color with that font color has been very uncomfortable for me to read (and I have no vision problems).
I suggest you try another background color or another color of the text.

With this tool you can know if the combination you choose meets the contrast ratios recommended by the W3C.

Cheers and happy coding!:keyboard::muscle:

Hello @MartaFagundez thank you for taking the time to review my survey form and providing me with insightful feedback. I have taken this on board and used the recommended tool (which i have now bookmarked for future use, thanks!) and changed the overall colour of the survey so that it’s not too painful on the eyes aha.

Once again, many thanks!

All the best.

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Wow! This has been a GREAT improvement!
Not only did the readability greatly improve, but that darker green works much better with the background image than the lighter green you used before.:+1::wink:

Cheers @MartaFagundez glad you approve :blush:

All the best.