Claim your certificate

Okay so ive finished all of the required challenges for front end development. it says that my certificate is shown on my page (which i think is freecodecamp), but i cant find it anywhere

It should be on your FCC profile.

Okay i forgot to link it with my github. but now after i did that, i want to make some changes… When i first started, i put my NICKNAME instead of my REAL NAME… and now i want to change it to my real name and ive been told that first i have to remove freecodecamp from github (which i cant anywhere…) and then all i have to do is change my username on github and it will update it on freecodecamp automatically… But how do i remove freecodecamp from github?

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You don’t need to unlink your GitHub and FCC (which is done from your GitHub account, by the way). Just update your name in GitHub. It may take a little while for the change to go into effect.

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well i deleted my github account. But my freecodecamp is somehow still linked to it, even that it does not exist anymore. But my name is now shown. Now the last thing that botheres me is when i try to print or save my certificate on desktop, lots of details are missing (because the picture is too big i guess) any solutions how to fix that?