Cleaning up GitHub issues and pull requests

@BerkeleyTrue, @beaucarnes and I are clearing the backlog of freeCodeCamp issues and pull requests.

Here’s why we’re doing this:

  • Fewer issues means that contributors can treat all issues like priorities.
  • Contributors won’t waste time working on issues that are no longer relevant.
  • Fewer open pull requests will reinforce the perception that we’re responsive and the repo is active.

So far, we’ve looked at and closed about 300 issues and merged about 25 pull requests.

Now every open issue:

  • has the label “on the roadmap” or “beta”
  • or has been updated within the past 30 days

If you think we’ve closed any of these issues in error, please comment on them explaining why you think this should be a priority, and we can discuss re-opening them.

Thanks again for all your contributions. With your help, we can slay these remaining bugs and ship a stable beta sooner.