Clicking on Wikipedia Imagery Doesn't Enlarge

Hi, All,

Just a very (very, very) “general” question about practically all the images on Wikipedia: what’s happened to them???

Specifically, it used to be that clicking on an image would enlarge it so you can make out the details…now, clicking almost always leads to an image that’s really the same size! What’s going on??

For instance, the first image for QuarkXpress at right-hand side, in the “knowledge graph/infobox” section…clicking on the image doesn’t enlarge it at all! I know this has been going on for a few years now but I’m hoping someone here knows the reason behind the UX change.


the specific example you gave doesn’t have a higher resolution available on wikipedia
(see here: )

Perhaps only images that have been uploaded at different resolutions can be expanded?

Edit: here’s a wikipedia page that does show the higher res image

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Wow, really???

I remember Wikipedia back when it first got started and that’s never been an issue (though yes, back then typical screen resolutions were, what, SVGA or somethin’!!)…just my bad luck I guess, always looking up just those topics with entries that only have low-res visuals!

Thanks for solving that one. I often have a hard time thinking of the simplest answers for some reason!