Cloud/hosting solution for side project/early stage startup

Can somebody tell me what is the best approach when it comes to deploying your app to the web?

I’m working on a side full stack project(basically bootstrapping a startup in a very early stage), which is some sort of social network and I don’t know what is the best way to deploy it. Can someone please elaborate about this topic? I saw my friend was using DigitalOcean for database and Heroku for the app. From my research, GCP and AWS are looking good. What do you think?

maybe folks from @freeCodeCamp could share some of their insights and give a useful advice… :thinking:

I would really appreciate any sort of help… :vulcan_salute:


If your application is a static application, that means only Html, JS, CSS and fonts, then you can host you site on AWS storage service which is almost free.

Note : There is nothing free on AWS. It has free tier available for first one year, but it has cap of how maximum free you can use.

If it is a dynamic site, then there are multiple way you can deploy your application on AWS.

  1. Use EC2 service on AWS,
  2. Use Elastic Beanstalk on AWS.
  3. User AWS RDS for database.

Hosting on AWS is not as simple as hosting on other providers such as Heroku, I think.

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