Deploy a full stack app- Suggestion on which service to use just for demo purposes

Hello lovely humans (and Camperbot) of the freeCodeCamp community.

I’ curious to know your opinion and/or favorite cloud hosting service for your full stack apps.

I am asking this specifically for demonstration purpose to add it to the Github repo for a better and more “professional” look.

Here’s the one I personally knows:
-The evergreen and most trusted Heroku
-I’ve heard of but never used Now

  • Glitch the newcomer and suggested from fcc in the beta.

I have tried and deployed my last API project with Glitch and I have to admit that’s super duper easy and fast…
The only problem…
It asks for permission to read and write for both my public AND private repos on Github. (ugh!)

So what do you guys use / recommend?
I repeat this is mainly intended to have it as a demo feature for eventual recruiters or potential employee that are looking at your Github profile.

Thank you all :heart: