Advice: Where to deploy F-End FFC and other Portfolio projects?

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Apologies in advance if this question was answered elsewhere. (If so, please point me in the right direction!)

I’m finding myself to be rather proficient in JS, React, Redux, etc., but I’m finding deployment frustrating. I’m finally comfortable with Git and Github.

Question: Where do you recommend I deploy my Front-end-Libraries Projects and other Personal Portfolio projects that I would like to showcase to possible employers? CodePen doesn’t seem to work well with React for me. Though looks a bit more sophisticated, I actually like to use the create-react-app and maintain the whole folder structure myself using VS Code on my PC. I’ve never liked coding on an online editor like CodePen or CodeSandBox. Should I deploy on Github Pages?

I hope I haven’t posted in the wrong place. Though this question relates to deployment, I’m somewhat specifically talking about React apps, so I trust this is the right place to ask this question.

Ruan Huysen

Github pages is my default for deploying all frontend apps, and it works well with Create-React-App.

They have great docs for helping you deploy to GH Pages:


I deploy projects on a Virtual Machine using Flask and Apache. I dunno if it’s the easiest option nor is it the best though

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edit: i now deploy using codeigniter + cheap shared hosting with cpanel.

vps can get quite expensive while i can find cheap hosting for only around $10 per year. not the best and fastest servers but can get the job done.

Heroku is pretty easy to deploy with it has good CLI options and mostly free

Zeit Now is a really solid option