Where should I host my React frontend project?

I have only hosted my project locally with localhost. I discovered that it is possible to host with GitHub and Netlify, are those good options?

you can use anything that lets you have a live version of the project, something like codepen will have also the code easily accessible, but in the case of those you mention it will not so you will need to include in the project a link to your github repository or something like that

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I guess it depends on the project.
If you are talking about the FCC front end projects than I personally like codesandbox better than codepen.

But github pages or netlify is good too if you are deploying a website.

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Like others have mentioned, there a number of cloud platforms that offer free hosting for simple apps like these ones on FCC. Actually I recommend you start exploring those platforms early because it is where you might deploy real world web apps. There are tons to learn by figuring out how to deploy your app to any of those platforms. Some of the most popular I have come across apart from the ones mentioned by @jwilkins.oboe include:

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