Best place to host React projects for FCC?

I’m working through the Front End Development Libraries Projects and since I have prior experience in web dev I’ve been putting more effort into each project than is probably necessary. The idea is to make each project into finished portfolio pieces by making each one useful, if possible, and giving it a nice UI.

I guess my first question is whether or not this is a silly idea and maybe I should just slap these projects together on codepen and move on to bigger projects for building a portfolio. Yeah? No?

And, second, if it’s not a silly idea, where’s the best place to host these little project sites for free?

I was hoping to just keep it all on github and uses github pages. But, github pages apparently can’t handle React projects. And, I’m not even using Router! It seems it has something to do with the Bootstrap navbar. But, I’ve only found one little remark about that in all my searching on how to get a React app working on github pages. I’ve tried several fixes and workarounds and ways to trick it. No luck. At this point I’m leaning towards stripping it down and trying it on codepen. A markdown previewer, however useful with it’s sytax highlighting, GFM and download buttons for both markdown and html, doesn’t seem worth the effort to actually deploy for real.


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Netlify or GitHub Pages are where many users host React projects for free.

Netlify and Vercel would be my suggestions. They both have GitHub integration for the deployment.

I think it is a good idea to put some effort into the projects and host them on a proper platform as well. But they are fairly simple projects and their main purpose is to learn from making them, they won’t be all that valuable as a selling point. Although, a nice design might show some design skills I guess.

Can you explain the issue you had with GitHub pages a little more as well?

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Here is probably the closest to my issue. But, I’m not using Router or BrowserRouter and I’m not familiar with either one of those yet.

I did not try his #1 attempt. But, I had already tried #2 before I found that thread.
#2 here: GitHub - rafgraph/spa-github-pages: Host single page apps with GitHub Pages

I was about halfway through trying the below solution when I realized I’d probably have to undo everything I’ve tried up to this point first and I thought maybe I’m wasting my time and I should ask where other people put these things.

And, here’s the repo:

The built site is in the gh-pages branch because that’s how several tutorials suggested deploying from “create-react-app” to gh pages.

The answer to that last question doesn’t really fit this thread. So, if anyone has any ideas on how to get github pages working, I asked the question on its own here:


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