Code editor shortcuts issue


The code editor shortcuts are not working correctly.

Ctrl+D is selecting multiple occurrences instead of deleting the current line. Shift+Tab is simply decreasing indent instead of doing auto-indent ‒ moving the line to its correct indentation level.

I read somewhere that FCC is using codemirror editor and the shortcuts work just fine at the demo over there.

I was looking to get both delete and duplicate lines working here, but it seems codemirror declined to support duplicating functionality over at GitHub.

Anybody else missing these basic shortcuts here? Do you have any workarounds available?


fcc is using the Monaco Code Editor Monaco Editor

the shortcuts are… in progress, more or less
see here

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I guess, the codemirror thread I read must’ve been pretty old.

Okay, so Monaco comes from Microsoft and is the same editor that powers VS Code. So, all the VS Code shortcuts work in FCC editor too :smiley:

Ctrl+Shift+K Delete line
Alt+Shift+Up/Down Duplicate lines

Here’s the complete shortcuts reference for Windows.

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