Code Pen Not Working... I Want To Upload My Portfolio.!

I have completed my portfolio project offline. And now i am trying to upload it on CodePen so that i can Upload my portfolio on Code Camp. I dont know what should i do. Please Help Me…!

Copy and paste your code into their respective CodePen editors. For the HTML, you only need to include the things you have between the body tags, excluding <script>s. All dependencies (libraries, fonts, frameworks, etc) need to be specified in the CodePen editor’s pen settings. Instructions detailed here.

Yeah but i am unable to save it … When i try to add external resource like bootstrap or javascript. it does not do anything … And I even tried saving my pen but it is not working…

Hi :slight_smile: You tried to insert Bootstrap by

And the same for js if you use jQuery or other libreries

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You should contact CodePen support.

@arbaz93 Have you created an account at codepen?