Having problems with code pen

Hey everyone! I’m a newbie making my tribute page. I’m having a very frustrating problem using codepen.
I believe bootstrap is not working for me at all, After successfully building a page yesterday and the day before, I wanted to try to improve upon it and making it adapt to any screen size (i.e mobile).

Today none of my styles are working. I was so desperate I even copied the example page code into a new pen to see what would happen, and even copying it exactly as it is, it would not show any format changes made with bootstrap. I tried adding bootstrap again, using B4, B3, both at the same time. NOTHING works, I changed browsers from firefox to chrome but no dice. Any help? I’m desperate.


In settings under CSS have you added bootstrap in the external style sheets section?

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srhoades: I was adding it under Javascript, I feel so dumb right now, so many lost hours…

Thanks so much for the quick answer! Going back to it ASAP!

Gracias! Eres el puto amo!

NP, I fought with that when I started using codepen