Code Project - time cauculator : Need help

Right now I am trying to learn programming. So far I have not been successful in completing any task. For time calculator project this is my code:

def add_time(start, duration):
  timevar =[]
  duvar =[]
  timevar = start.replace(" ",":").split(":")
  duvar = duration.split(":")
  #convert PM to 24 hour
  if timevar[2] == "PM":
    convar = int(timevar[0]) + 12
  else: convar = int(timevar[0])
  #calculate minute and convert minute
  Total_minute = int(timevar[1]) + int(duvar[1])
  if Total_minute >60 :
    Extra_hour = 1
    Total_minute = Total_minute - 60
  else: Extra_hour = 0
  # calculate hour and convert hour
  Total_hour = convar + int(duvar[0]) + int(Extra_hour)
  n_day = float((Total_hour/24) - 1)
  if n_day <0 : p_day=" "
  elif n_day >0 and n_day <1 : p_day= "(next day)"
  else: p_day = f"({int(n_day)+1} days later)"
  restime = Total_hour % 24
  if restime >0.5 : ampm = "PM"
  else: ampm = "AM"
  if Total_hour > 24:
    con_hour = Total_hour - ((int(n_day)+1)*24)
  else: con_hour = Total_hour
  if con_hour > 12:
    Print_hour = con_hour - 12
  else: Print_hour = con_hour
  print (f"{Print_hour}:{Total_minute:02d} {ampm} {p_day}")

and when I run the program this is my result

1:08 PM (next day)
3:07 PM
F6:18 PM (20 days later)
FE2:45 PM (next day)
F5:01 PM
F12:05 PM
F5:42 PM
FE2:59 PM (next day)
FE0:04 AM (2 days later)

plus 8 failures and 4 errors.

While I suspect that 8 failures is more of a wrong calculation on my side, I am curious on why my 2nd line result in none and there are F or FE in front of my answers from line 3 and afterwards. Any suggestion or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hey there :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you post a link to the lesson? It makes debugging so much easier.

Hi, this is the link for assignment.

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