CodeHS help on conditionals

hi guys, I am doing code on CodeHs, and I have a problem. Not one of my peers can figure it out, i was hoping you all could…

I need the red box to be green, although i have what it wants; it won’t pass the test.

It’s always a little tricky with robo-graders, especially when they give you vague error messages like this instead of an exact statement it’s looking for. My recommendation is to try different variations of your current print statement until you get exactly what it’s looking for. Maybe something like “You are too young to run for president” or “You are too young to run for president.” (I’ve seen punctuation muck these graders up on occasion, try with and without. Especially since the pseudo-error doesn’t use any.)

Also, the instructions only ask for if-else statements. Is it possible they aren’t expecting the elif statement?

Sorry I can’t be of more help.