Codepen and pics

Hi guys, there’s plenty of posts related to codepen and uploading pics but after hours trying to get it sorted, I can’t find a solution!

I am hosting my images on my profile at POSTIMAGE.ORG

Since then I managed to upload a pics on my tribute page but now while i am taking care of the portfolio page I can’t get codepen to show any of them…

I have one which I used the very same code of the tribute page while an other one which is meant to be a background image…i tried either using the free image service of “postimage” or using the direct link from the websites where those images are hosted but without success!

-non pics related- I am also trying to get a link in the navbar brand which it is showing as link but not opening anywhere…

Here is the code (bit messy):

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You are not properly declaring img tag in html, try this:

<img src="" alt="whatever" />

This snippet of CSS has an error:

.contact {
background-image: url(“”;

Need to close the url with a ‘)’ like this:

.contact {
background-image: url(“”);

Crap, I was looking around for so long and didn’t realized the ‘)’ was missing!!!

Thanks about that…

While I guess on the previous pics I was placing the tag together with the image which it seems it has to be separate!

Any idea on the navbar brand link not working?

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“For folks using standard links that are not within the regular navbar navigation component, use the .navbar-link class to add the proper colors for the default and inverse navbar options.”

No problem.

That’s probably why paired-programming is so popular.