Codepen. Css displaying as text above html. Help!

Does anyone know why the CSS in this product landing page is being displayed as text above the html? It seems to work properly when the file is copied/pasted from sublime text however as soon as it saves, weird things happen. I have used codepen a lot before with no issues. I successfully uploaded this exact file earlier today as well which worked. Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this? Or is it a bug in the program?

  @import url('');

I think the problem is here. This is in your CSS pane. It is already in a CSS pane so there is no need to wrap it in style tags. That is what you would do if you were putting this in an HTML file/pane. Somehow that is confusing codepen.

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Hey Kevin. Thanks for that. Yeah that was the first thing i tried. I also removed the css link in the header of the html with no luck either. I think codepen might just be having a meltdown haha

It seems to work for me now.

I would recommend removing settings/behavior/auto-updating. It’s a pain in the ass and I’m never sure if what I’m seeing is the latest. I’d rather hit “run” and know for sure. I suspect this is throwing you off - you change the file but it doesn’t update. When I remove those tags, it works for me.

I hate all auto-updaters. They just annoy you by crashing as you type and then when you need them to run, you’re never sure if they have.

Thanks so much. Its working now. That was driving me nuts! You just made my day :grinning: