Codepen - how do i import bootstrap?

Im making the Tribute Page project .
Im not able to get the page to be responsive and resize correctly in codepen. Im doing this with bootstrap.
The funny thing is that it works on my project .
To make sure it wasnt a problem from my side, I deployed a netify page too.

Basically, how do I get the bootstrap library to work correctly in codepen. Im facing the same issue with google fonts too. Codepen Project →
Tribute Page (

Please do note that the project isnt quite finished yet

Hi @Exotic !

The codepen editor is designed a little bit differently than other editors where the HTML section only expects tags that go into the body.

When I remove the head section, body tags and doctype, and place the link tags into the html settings, then the project look like the replit link you shared.

Hope that helps!

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Whoa! It actually worked! Thanks a lot :smiley:

I realize you’ve been given a solution. Just wanted to point out that you could have found your answers by reading through codepen’s official documentation.

Yes thats true. But it didnt cross my mind just then. But even if I did it would be a lot easier to ask than to browse the editor.
I dont use codepen (i use replt it) at all except for fcc projects, even then I only use it for testing to see if I pass all use stories, so I never really bothered to get to know a bit more advanced stuff . I do know how to use basic codepen but then here and there, there might be something a person might not know about something. :slight_smile:

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