just picked my most recent pen :D

I used Codepen to draft a samurai robot that I’ll be using for another project. I tweeted Codepen to see if they’d pick my pen, and an hour and a half later, I’m on their front page. It came out a lot better than I expected, actually. I didn’t have everything visualized when I started making it and I just strung the parts together as I went along. I’m particularly proud of how the fists/katanas look. :smiley:


Nice! You just showed me that a few days ago and now your front paging it!
I ended up deciding to make a music app kind of like patatap as my way of practicing css animations.
Ill pm you when its live. :slight_smile:


EDIT. That looks so cool. If I didnt know it was css I would have thought you just loaded up a gif. Way to go m8.

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Thank you. A little disclaimer though, the animations were done with the JavaScript animation library I mentioned before (GSAP). I get what you mean in that it’s all CSS, but I’d feel guilty if I said the animations were just CSS animations. Most people make a distinction between CSS and JS animations.

I looked at Patatap and it’s a trip. Definitely a worthwhile project to copy. There’s something special about projects that demand both creativity and logic. Curious to see how it turns out man.

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