I finally got picked by Codepen!

I’ve been trying to get a pen featured on Codepen for some days now… and today I woke up and as always I was checking codepen to see the featured pens (for inspiration), and I realized that one of my pens is in there!

They liked the letter animations pen I did yesterday! Yuhuu! :smiley:


Congrats. The effects are pretty cool.

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Oh! That was such a top-drawer animation effect. Try doing a tutorial post/video on it for beginners.

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@Nicknyr Thank you. I’m glad you liked it! :blush:

@sksundram I’ll try to do something soon! :smiley:

It looks absolutely fantastic, well done!! I am on tribute page now, so I guess it will long time to get to this stage.

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@alexandriaroberts We all were there at some point :wink:
Keep up the good work, and you’ll learn a lot!

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Second one picked today: https://codepen.io/FlorinPop17/full/XaLVYP/


Awesome! Congratulations on getting picked by CodePen twice! Both of these pens are quite creative and well-executed!


Thank you @QuincyLarson! I’ve been trying to get picked for the past 4-5 days :grin:

Congrats! Looks great! Lots of fun :smiley:

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Oh wow! Good for you! That’s a very cool effect.

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Thank you @VoyagerXyX and @Occam!

3rd time: Animated Countdown :grin:


@Flopet17 - YOU DA MAN :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well done! congrats! :raised_hands:

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Yey! 4th time with an Image Shuffled Animation

P.S. Not working on Safari yet… anyone wanna give a hand? :slight_smile:
I’m not very familiar with cross browser issues, unfortunately!

How did you get picked 4 times in a week???
You need to start teachings your black hat cpppo (codepen picked pen optimization) techniques to the rest of us


Well… basically you have to do two things:

  1. Make something to get people’s attention, like a nice animation, or something with good design, because their staff won’t look into all pens to see functionality (read this from their website )
  2. Post it on twitter with @Codepen and a link

Oh… and…
Have fun and do what you love :slight_smile:

Good luck @dcenatiempo!!

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Huh. I wonder what it’s like having good design skills.

If you add Babel, it should take care of all your problems.

I don’t think you have to make something that has a lot of eye candy or interactivity. I once made a pen about static radial progress bars (which was basically a rewrite of an existing and more popular static radial progress bars (I gave credit to the original though)), with no animations whatsoever on a white background, shared it on Twitter, and it got picked. I did not expect that tbh.