Codepen jQuery added but not working

Hey everyone,

I can’t seem to get any script in the javascript box to work. It’s probably something simple but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Also, I was trying to find the problem through the browser console but do not really understand it. How would I go about using that?

Ok, I found out why

  1. Your id in the HTML should not have an # in it. Just id='page1'.
  2. Your <h1> is not closed properly. Same with the last <div>.
  3. You can remove the unclosed <body> tag. <body> tags are not needed in codepen, so you can omit them.
  4. The subtlest one: Your comment at the bottom of your HTML is not closed. You were missing --> at the end.

Thank you! Closing the comment at the bottom did the trick. Did not expect that to be a problem!