Jquery won't work in Codepen

Jquery won’t work in Codepen, but i included all relevant libraries! I’m losing my mind here!


Not going to lie your codepen was evil.

First I thought it was this issue:

Don’t use the quick add feature of codepen. Use a CDN or dont use document.ready. They don’t play nice together apparently.
But I was wrong, since removing document.ready wasn’t working. So I looked around a bit more. And found this: (also you don’t need the html,head,body tags in codepen)

On line 95 you had this code:
<i class="fa fa-fw fa-github></i>

See the issue? Your missing the closing " quote, thus all javascript wont work

Here’s everything working: (I changed the alert to a log so no alert spam :P)

If possible, id use a real editor and paste your final css/html/javascript into codepen

in codepen settings->javascript quick add and select jquery to add library to your pen

Thanks, man. Thaaaanks :smiley: It worked at one point, but i changed code at one point in time. Forgot what was about it and i was freakin’ out and awake whole night because of it.

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I know. Brad found an error. Thanks anyroad …