jQuery not working with CodePen

Hello peeps, so I am just trying to advance my skills before I complete the Intermediate Front End projects, and I copy and pasted code from the jQuery exercises, and its not working :frowning:

here is my website. Any Suggestions???

Go to the ‘Settings’ for your pen and for CSS do a Quick-Add of Bootstrap 3. (NOT Bootstrap 4–it’s still in the testing stages and does not have full functionality)

Then for JavaScript, do a Quick-Add of jQuery.

After this, it should start working.

wow, i feel so dumb for not playing around with CodePen, I always feel that I am missing some sort of syntax with javascript or even css. Thanks for the help!!!

I spent close to an hour today trying to figure out the difference between a backtick ` and a single quote ’

Apparently, they are not the same :confused: