Codepen -> localhost


Do you think it would be a problem if I deploy on githib pages as opposed to using codepin? For example: Im about to do this: and I see that someone suggested using this: method which is to use stored json to act as an api.

However, I know that I can still use personal access tokens from github to act like environment variables.

As I was reading some of the wiki I found: this post which pretty much suggests the same thing. Now I know :slight_smile:

Another question I have. I have docker installed, and was wondering if it was ‘necessary’ to use cloud9 for some of the backend tasks. I know most people don’t want install all this on their machine and it makes it easy to get people up and running with node. Is it really required to use cloud9? :blush:

You can use any development environment you want. The only requirement is that you host your project and that the code is publicly available. I haven’t coded a single project in CodePen or on Cloud9.


Thanks mate, makes life easier. :blush: