Cloud9 alternatives for the backend challenges - What is your experience with other providers/clouds?



The Cloud9 credit card registration problem seems to be old but the FCC backend challenge still refers to this service

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Typical responses

  1. use your own computer (or use virtualbox, or use your own docker, or …)
  2. use an empty prepaid credit card
  3. get access from somewhere else
  4. use another cloud

I ruled 1., 2., and 3. out for myself (I actually want to try cloud based or resp remote virtual servers, and I don’t want complicated work arounds or f**k around with credit card bs).

If you are also interested in No 4, i.e Cloud9 ( alternatives that works similar, then share your experience please. I guess many people would be interested.

Some criteria

  • easy registration (e.g. github’s Oauth, simple email/pw) without further information (e.g. credit card number, ID, address, etc.)
  • min 1 free workspace/machine/system (public or private doesn’t matter)
  • free trial accounts with time limitation are ok
  • *nix command line interface
  • node.js should work

Candidates??? (that I haven’t checked)

nope something i missing:, gomix, Codenvy, Nitrous (out of business), koding (i want a milk sample and not the whole cow), heroku,, Digital Ocean, Codebunk, (site not available),, Codebox (offline), Floobits, Codeshare, ScreenHero/slack, Code Pad

yes, it looks like a drop-in-replacement: CodeAnywhere

with suggestions from @udayk8139


I’m not sure about most but I can suggest this from a quick bookmarks search

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Codenvy doesn’t work for the backend challenge because the local npm don’t installs the required dependencies for how-to-npm. I just gave up on tbh


  • registration is ok. You can use github’s or google’s oauth
  • workspace setup. You need to tweak (workspace settings) the memory limit to 1073741824 bytes
  • sudo apt-get install npm nodejs-legacy and then sudo npm install -g how-to-npm but as mention above how-to-npm will throw dependencies on you … seems suit Java coders’ needs

Have you tried this? This seems new to now, never seen this… :open_mouth:

I signed up for Cloud9 using my Github account, and I don’t think I needed to provide a credit card that way.

  • no commandline to run how-to-npm

Oh D’aww I can’t find more :frowning:


  • no commandline to run how-to-npm

i’m sure we will find something :slight_smile:

Mmm Okay, Let’s keep the barrel hunt going!

maybe this doesn’t address the original concern, but I have just been doing eerything locally.

  • Registration is too cumbersome. You can Request a Demo. I’m already tuned off …
  • I guess they might offer all required features but they obviously target business customers

Wait, we could use codebox?

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they might also be targeting small teams

appreciated but I really want to use a remote/cloud service

drops jazz

I think I found a solution

codetasty allows us to edit from ftp I think, so I guess you can run npm on your server via ftp and then start coding from codetasty :smiley:

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  • classic registration (name, email, pw, bla bla)
  • couldn’t find a commandline to run how-to-npm

heruku does have a npm integration >_>

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CodeAnywhere :slight_smile:

  • It works(!)
  • oauth registration, e.g. github, Google
  • Just create a new container, and then click on the console tab
  • npm install -g how-to-npm and then run how-to-npm

yes most of the potential candidates support npm. However horuku seems to lack a web-based console/terminal