Save your Code Revisions Forever with Git

In this, we are using cloud9, which is paid service. Is there is another free alternative for open source development? Along with this, provide step by step procedure. Help ASAP.

You can develop locally. At the minimum, you’ll need to install Node.js, git, and a text editor of your choice (and later, mongoDB). Installation steps differ between different operating systems, but it should be relatively straighforward.

After you’ve installed nodejs and git, you should be able to continue with step 9 of that challenge.

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Thanks for the reply. Are you familiar with BitBucket? They offer free to use for code revisions. Let me know whether I m going in the correct direction or not.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s also a web app for hosting git repositories online (similar in spirit with GitHub). You still need to have git installed on your computer.

SourceTree is also available with BitBucket, which reduces the headache of merge, branch and other functionalities. and plus it is free as compared to cloud9.

Note that Sourcetree and Cloud9 serve very different purposes. Sourcetree is sort of a GUI version of git, while Cloud9 is a complete development environment. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

While a GUI git client is nice, the git challenge uses the command line, which you can do perfectly fine in your own computer.


The original git-it is retired and the new one allows you to code on your own machine using a desktop app

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