Can I complete the Backend Developer Certification without Cloud9?

I’ve already had an Amazon AWS account that got suspended - probably do to inactivity, but I’m guessing as I only used it for a few months and haven’t touched it in over a year. But it’s linked to my only credit card so now I can’t make a new account because that also ends up being suspended.

So now what do I do?

We’re moving away from c9. You can still do the backend projects with, or by developing locally.

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You don’t need cloud9. Develop locally and deploy to Heroku or glitch. You can host the db remotely with mlab. Do a search in this forum and you should find specific instructions on how to do all of the above. If still stuck ask questions here.

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Awesome! Thanks guys!

The official FCC recommendation is changing from Cloud9 to Glitch. There are a number of other options available. If you search for variations of “cloud9” and “” in the forum, you will find some very helpful discussions about different tools used by campers.

OK, the progress map and at least the first lesson, Node.js, has not been updated for this yet then. I’ve got a Linux box so I figured and I can run those lessons on there, though I’m not sure what I’ll be able to submit when marking each of those projects as done.

I’ll take a look through the forums. glitch and Heroku look useful for actually making things, but don’t appear to give me access to a virtual machine like the challenges expect.

The new instructions will go live with the beta curriculum (possibly by the end of the year). You can preview it at

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Ok cool. Maybe I’ll just hold off then and wait for the new instructions. Thanks again!

As long as the project is live and the code is viewable online, you can use whatever development environment you like. Here are the new instructions that mention Glitch instead of Cloud9.

Looks like “backend” is replaced with “APIS and Microservices”?

It would appear so.

Any update on this? The Map still has not updated, and I really don’t want to start the old certification process if the new one is going to go live soon as that seems a waste of time to me.

You can follow the instructions that are currently on the beta site. The projects aren’t going to change. There is still just debugging that needs to happen before the curriculum goes to production.

I suppose, but there is no ability to submit anything yet…

All you need to do is out the link in when the challenge goes live.

Any news on this? I wish there was a blog or something about updates. I’m excited to start submitting work to the backend certification system.

There is a Medium publication, a Twitter, and you can follow the progress on FCC’s GitHub and Waffle board. In the past, it has been very obvious when the curriculum changes over even without all the announcements. Every time there has been a significant update on the progress of Beta, there has been an announcement on the forums.

I am in the middle of the back end development certification. I have just completed the “Finish working with Node.js server” challenge and moving forward. Should I continue on AWS cloud9 or switch to glitch?

100% your choice. Free Code Camp will be recommending Glitch, but go with what works best for you.

So, do I need to start over or I can just continue with next challenges on glitch?