Cloud9 or Glitch for Dynamic Web Applications?

So I’ve been going through the backend certificate and I am now at the point of “getting set for Dynamic Web App projects” but I find it strange… The directions say I should use Cloud9 for these projects, but would it not be more convenient to use Glitch? The structure of the certificate seemed to suggest one started with Cloud9 to simply learn the backend technologies (learnyoumongo, learnyounode, etc.) and then transitioned to Glitch (or apparently Heroku at one time?) and began actually doing backend development (With the microservices). Thanks in advance.

Hello, due to Cloud9 requiring a credit card and being now acquired by AWS, freeCodeCamp is promoting usage of Glitch from the very beginning I believe in the beta.

For learning the backend technologies, nothing would be more beneficial then doing so on your local machine. I highly recommend learning npm and node and such on a linux machine. If you have linux/mac you should be all set, if you are on windows, I suggest you install the linux subsystem for windows and use cmder/conemu/hyper which will work very well. With that in place you will learn a lot more at the start then when you finally build your apps on Glitch.

Edit: seeing that you are “getting set for Dynamic Web App projects” you obviously know the basics, so I would totally recommend using Glitch.


I don’t know about Glitch, and I’ve gone through the backend challenges. If they mentioned Glitch and C9 then apparently Glitch didn’t impress me.

C9 wan’t too appealing to me at first, but the more projects I did on C9 the more I appreciated it. I think it is fantastic if you’re going to do any back-end development in your application.

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Thanks, yes, I went to the beta website today and I saw that Glitch is recommended from the start. It would seem that the non-beta website could be updated. I feel like I could still benefit from learning how to use C9 in conjunction with Github to create apps, but at the very least I can develop with Glitch, and port over to C9/Github. Thanks!

Yes, and in case you didn’t know it, Glitch has a feature hidden in the menus that directly exports everything to a GitHub repo. You can also import too possibly.


Glitch was simpler for me and helped me transition to using a file system. I prefer it strongly to cloud9. As for the command line stuff like learnyounode, I would just use your own terminal on your computer.

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Personally, I think Glitch is great as it allows you a more ‘real world’ experience when setting up a new project and on the whole the branding/brand message is awesome