Is cloud-9 (c9) absolutely free?

I was about to sign up on c9 a few days ago, but I had to stop midway coz the signing-up process asked for my credit card details. I also read on the website that they do charge a small amount initially which is refunded back afterwards. So can anybody say what is the exact amount they charge in the beginning?

I’ve been using c9 since a few months and yes, I had to write my card details but they didn’t withdraw any amount of money from it and I didn’t pay for using it so from my experience with c9, yes, it is free.

But what if i don’t have a card? Is there any way of use it?

Not c9, but you can use your own local environment and then upload to heroku instead of building in c9 and uploading to heroku. c9 is good cause you have a ready environment but you can also do that on your computer. The challenges ask for the heroku and github link, not c9 link! :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s possible to sign up on c9 without a card. Yeah, they offer something called an “education plan” where they charge pretty less ($12 per year per teacher) and this plan doesn’t requires the students to have credit card, only the teacher needs to have one.

Oh really! I didn’t know it. I have been working on several full-stack apps, setting up the environment locally but felt that I won’t be able to escape signing up on c9 for the back-end projects here. Thanks for this lovely piece of information!

I went through the same headache, and don’t have my own credit card so I was hesitant to go through with it. However I believe you can get access to it through Harvard’s CS50 course? I’ve never tried this, but I’ve seen it being mentioned here, you might want to look into it.

The other (in my opinion better) alternative is to work on your local machine and deploy with Heroku or Glitch. You can also just code inside Glitch, it’s like Codepen for NodeJS projects. Definitely recommend looking into it before you jump into C9.

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@imtoobose yup, I have already began working locally on the back-end projects. I would surely check out glitch as well. Thank you for recommending.