Cloud9 Signup (CC required)

So,i’ve nearly finished the front-end part so i decided to start back-end,as i soon found out,i was required to sign-up for cloud9 so i thought alright,no biggie.So,i was on the second-last part of the sign-up process and it turns out,i needed a Credit Card,they’re not really common in my country so i was hoping someone could suggest an alternate solution. is an option. But you can do everything locally. Also, there are big changes coming up for the FCC curriculum. I thought they include tutorials on node (not the learnyounode command line tutorials.


There are lots of solutions. In fact, if you look around on github and stack overflow, and even the new forum here, people talk about how they’ve completed these projects by developing locally, rather than on c9. While I have used c9 for everything so far, and am very grateful to be using it as a resource, there are a number of advantages to developing locally, like storing key environment variables, using your own text editor, and not having to start up your workspace if it has gone idle. Also, you may find that integrating and deploying your apps in heroku are a little less complicated (I think) without using the c9 IDE.

It’s also very easy to set up. You can install an Ubuntu VM on your machine with Oracle’s VirtualBox, and from there just run the commands to set up npm, node, express, mongodb, and even install the FCC lessons (i.e. npm install learn-you-mongo) and viola! You’ve got the whole thing installed on your own computer.

I hope this helps and I didn’t give any misinformation…still just a beginner!


If you register in this free Harvard University Free Course in Computer Science you get an account in Cloud9.


If you have Windows, just download the latest node and get the nodeschool packages with npm. PowerShell is pretty great, and you don’t really need Linux capabilities for any of the challenges or projects. I’ve been building everything locally on a Windows 10 machine and uploading them to Hyperdev when done.

I agree with @imtoobose - getting Ubuntu loaded up on a virtual box is kinda overkill since Powershell is perfectly suited to running node and git for all the projects.

If your machine runs Windows 10 and you really want to use the terminal during the back-end projects, you can try to use the Linux bash.

@alphaoliveira so how do i get on to the c9 account after registering there?

what week do i need to get at?

thx in advance

Somewhere in the right side at the bottom there is a Tools section. Click in CS50 IDE.

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@alphaoliveira thank you. it really works!

Note: I have never tested this and have no idea if it even works, but it sounds promising.
You could try using a Visa prepaid card (or some kind of prepaid card of the same type.) They’re essentially a card you put money on that you can use at shops or online. You can (generally) get these at some retail stores. If you do try this method, try leaving the name on card field blank.

Hlo hw are u, I really need help , on signing up cloud after completing every thing and clicked on create account it return this i have no idea what pls help ! help ! this is what it shows to me ,

“Something went wrong while creating your account
The server returned an error: Invalid captcha code, please re-enter”

Probably your credit number might not be correct, just check it and enter the digits a fresh