Do I have to sign up for cloud9 to do Node section

I’m doing the backend certification in particular the node.js section. and my questions is: do I have to sign up for cloud9? I mean, I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have to provide my credit card info. has anyone here done through cloud9? is it safe to provide your credit card? and is there any other way to do the challenges?


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You could also do the API and Microservice section on - it’s a bit beginner-friendlier than Node School’s LearnYouNode imho. And you can do it on


Personally, I’ve been doing it on Widnows Powershell and I haven’t encountered any problems. If you have a mac, you can probably just do it on terminal. Probably.

An alternative is to just get a $10 visa gift card and us that on cloud9, if you don’t trust them with your primary visa.

I have had a cloud9 account for a few months with no problems or charges. I went through the backend GIT tutorial there. Shortly after I got a raspberry pi and did the first section of lernyounode right from the pi. Now I have my cloud9 set up to run Ruby on Rails. I did not see where there was an easy way to charge anything to your card, they just want the number to make it easier to select another tier of service if you need it.