Cloud9 requiring Credit Card

Hello everyone.
I came across this awful problem: I’m from Argentina and here credit cards are not widely used so it is impossible for me for the next couple years to acquire one and the problem is I can’t initiate my Back-End program without a Cloud9 account which require me to give credit card information (which I also found very repulsive).
How can I solve this problem? Any suggestion?


Right with you on that one. Just tried registering myself. Wtf?


Exactly “wtf?”, I just wanna scream in rage. It has absolutely no sense to create a challenge based on a service which require credit card. I’m stuck, I’m wasting my time :frowning:


Have you tried signing up with github. Does it ask for credit card too?

Yes, exactly the same process.

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Cloud 9 only integrated this requirement very recently, I think. I didn’t have to do it when I started the backend challenges a couple of months ago.

You may be able to find an alternative service that offers the same thing, or you can set up a dev environment on your own computer. The good news is that Node works really well on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Well, it seems I have to wait a couple of weeks to restart my learning. I was very happy with my progress :frowning:

I’m trying to use Koding but I’m lost. I don’t know about stacks and credentials.

Windows, but I don’t have much time to spend so I started with Data Visualization while Free Code Camp give us a good solution.

Thank you for your atention :slight_smile:

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Maybe setting everything up on your own machine isn’t a problem, but all the tutorials are on cloud9 as well, right? BTW have a look at this forum topic.

The tutorials are actually nodeschool tutorials run on the c9 platform.

Once you have Node and npm installed, you can work through the tutorials by running the appropriate npm install command locally, like npm install -g learnyounode

I actually think that would be better than c9 because c9 has a very wonky relationship with mongodb :slight_smile:

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You can try creating a DigitalOcean account and create a docker container from Cloud9’s docker image here:

Then install the Cloud9 SDK via my wiki instructions:

You may want to try the above on your local machine and if it works, then try it on DigitalOcean.

The easier method maybe to purchase a Visa debit card for a small amount and use it to activate your Cloud9 account.

I mostly study in my workplace so do any of you guys knows how to set everything up on a portable device like a pendrive or an external HD?

Edit: I think I should open a new topic :sweat_smile:

Does it work with test credit cards like 4111 1111 1111 1111 with expiration date in future.

Looks like Cloud9 has a solution to the CC requirement. You can email their support to get your account opened. See details in link:


No, it is not possible :frowning:

Something went wrong while creating your accountThe server returned an error: Processor Declined

@Cairos @j7an that’s not the solution. Read the answer I received:

Hi Mauricio,
Thanks for reaching out about this. Right now, we do have a School plan, which allows teachers to make an account for $10/month and then invite as many students as they’d like to create Cloud9 accounts at no extra charge to them and without requiring those students to have a credit card. If you can get your instructor to make that happen then that would be a good workaround. Otherwise, you may look into getting a virtual credit card or using some other workaround. I hope this helps and have a great day!


And because Free Code Camp is free I don’t see how they are gonna pay anything for us.

I’m sad now :frowning:


@mauricioandrian have you tried following the instructions above to install node and npm on your own computer?

If you find it very tricky I’ll put together a guide for getting started in Windows, but you can download and install node pretty easily following the above instructions.


We will be discontinuing the Nitrous Development Platform and Cloud IDE on November 14th, 2016.