Cloud9 requiring Credit Card

I’m in the API Projects now and FCC is recommending I have everything I need in my computer but I need a place where I can share my project without uploading my files, like CodePen. That’s what I understand.

I’ll try it, thank you @Cairos

I didn’t use c9 for the API projects. You can use Heroku and mLab for hosting and Database. Heroku ask for a credit card when you get to 5 apps, but you can complete all the API projects without a card.

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You can email their support team and they will get you started if your card is not working without credit card.They have activated my account without credit card also support team was very helpful in process.

I’m not sure if this works because I haven’t tested it yet, but you could try to get a Vanilla Visa gift card (available at some retail stores) or something else of that nature; it’s essentially a card you put money on and swipe at retailers (or online). It has the same things as a standard credit card (number, expiration date, CCV). If they ask for the name on the card, try leaving it blank.

Thanks @P1xt, you save our asses every time.

Bro just login to get enroll to Cs50 and go to Cs50 ide you will get cloud 9 account through edx without credit card


Cloud9 has an education system, seems like a team costs $1 and each team can have an unlimited number of students, and more importantly, students don’t need a credit card. Maybe freecodecamp can use this system for people who don’t have easy access to a credit card?

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Have a look at this, it will solve the problem


But did you try the paypal?

Hi, this thread is four years old, and in that time period Cloud9 stopped being an independent service after being acquired by AWS (which always requires a CC) – that’s literally the reason for this thread existing, and the last post was three years ago – I would assume everyone involved has already found an alternative.