Can i create a cloud9 without credit card

when i want to create a cloud 9 account it ask me to write credit card details but i don’t have credit card can i create an account ?


You can create it with an empty debit card i think.

how can i create it ?

Let me know if you get it to work. But you can also run all the tutorials on your computer.

Yes i can run all the tutorials on my computer i have git and nodeJS installed

Where i live, i just went to a bank and said i want a debit card, signed some papers, paid 5 euros i think and i got a debit card that works for a year or two (can’t remember) but they automatically ask me to renew it via mobile phone. I think there’s also a fine of 50 cents a month or so as a price for having the card.

Then if i ever want to buy something on the internet i just go to the same bank and give them money, and tell them to put into my account.

I believe you don’t really need cloud9 for anything else. I think it is easier to develop the backend projects on your own pc, rather than online.

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can i create the tuto of git on my computer ?

Yes, you can use the command prompt. I suggest you create a folder where you can put all your files for the backend tutorials. In the command prompt go there and follow along with the instructions.

1 Like doesn’t ask for a credit card. i’m still struggling to understand how that works.

Here there’s a tutorial

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You can get a C9 workspace through Harvard’s CS50 course on edX, no credit card required. Sign up for the course then go to and log in with your edX credentials.


Thank you! That works.

ok finally realized how this works, thank you very much for the helpful reply

Thx for the help! It works!

I’m not sure if this works because I haven’t tested it yet, but you could try to get a Vanilla Visa gift card (available at some retail stores) or something else of that nature; it’s essentially a card you put money on and swipe at retailers (or online). It has the same things as a standard credit card (number, expiration date, CCV). If they ask for the name on the card, try leaving it blank.

[EDIT] The grocery store near me now uses this card brand.

thanks !!!

Personally i would never use this card… when you go to the website it is not secure… so all the confidence i could have went right out the window!! :S

“This page is insecure (broken HTTPS).”

I use a Revolut card (

It is pretty much the same thing (a prepaid credit card but with owner identification) and has been nice so far. I travel a lot in Europe for work, use the card all the time and i never had any issues with it (that said, i know a couple of swiss people with Swiss accounts that are having problems with theirs… something about a bank change).

I ordered mine and got it in about 7 days, completely for free!!

Their APP is also great… i recommend it.

Thanks! This was a big help.