C9.io requires a credit card

i don’t have a credit card. Is there any way i can get access to c9.io without credit or debit card.

@imran-ib I have a chromebook and therefore rely on c9 heavily. i had forgotten i had given them my card when i signed up. if the issue is simply that you are worried about security or being charged, I can tell you that I have had zero issues in those departments.

c9 gives you unlimited workspaces for free. you cannot expand them, but in my work so far i have not had any issues there either.

c9 is awesome. i have done my first collaborations there and my first nodejs apps. it is really a good service.

if your issue is that you do not have a debit or credit card, maybe you can use some sort of prepaid card. i am not sure how that would work. but again, if you are worried about being charged somehow, from my experience, it won’t be an issue.

if you have any other basic questions about c9 let me know. i am a relative beginner, but i do most of my developing in c9

Thank you all for your help.
i visited https://glitch.com . and it is working great. Only issue is that it opens terminal in new tab and switching tabs is time consuming. I think it is nice to have everything in one place like.

You can use virtual payment gateway to access it.