What is the latest news on Cloud 9's Credit Card requirements interfering with FCC? [SOLVED]

Hey guys!

I am interested to know the latest happenings regarding Cloud 9 and our curriculum/technology.

I’ve already read previous threads on this and other forums for this subject, and I don’t mind going alternative ways.

But I am asking after I stumbled upon Cloud 9’s reply and new educational pricing plans.

Are we still good with Cloud 9’s service as FCC campers or we go alternatively?

Edit: Also, I remember seeing C9 in one of the videos with Quincy when I was just checking out Back End Development challenges. How should we approach that now with projects in mind, and is curriculum being updated later on? (I still haven’t got that far)

Cloud9’s educational plan is only $1 per teacher per month and it allows students to join without credit card information. That would be extremely helpful for many non-US citizens.
I’d happily donate the $12 necessary to fund this for a year right now. It would be a shame if hundreds of thousands of students can’t collect enough money to pay that nominal amount of money.

gomix.com looks great. You can even use it to host images.

You can use cloud9 without credit card with a cs50 student account (free on edX)

For the curriculum,I believe it is planned to go away from cloud9 and use HyperDev instead. (HyperDev may have been renamed gomix, @portablestick is this true?)

There are five required projects that can be completed with any technology (though we’ll strongly recommend using Node/Express running on HyperDev).

gomix is what came up when I searched for HyperDev, so I assume so. Not certain.

Thank you all for feedback. It’s been very helpful.

Among other things I asked (FFC curriculum, Cloud 9 etc.) I was also asking you that because down the line, I was meaning to purchase hosting and domain(s) to make a personal portfolio website, and tinker with Linux servers, back-end, databases and all that jazz (for practice/learning and experimenting).

But this way, I can postpone all this even further and keep my money until I build more muscle and confidence. Be it local Node+Git+Heroku or HyperDev…

And yes, it does seem Gomix is HyperDev as hyperdev.com redirects to Gomix site.

Heroku does require a credit card once you need more than 5 apps, but you can continue making them for free :slight_smile:

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