What do you all think about HyperDev.com as a c9.io and heroku replacement for back end challenges

This is by the Trello team and is basically CodePen meets Cloud9 IDE

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Quincy - we are speaking of challenges only, correct? We would not be asked to do the Projects in the HyperDev sandbox editor environment? I would definitely not be in favor of being locked into that! If it is being offered as one possible option, I think that’s great, options are good.

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I think c9 does just fine, but that looks cool as well.

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This would be optional, but instead of trying to show people how to use C9.io and Heroku, we could just quickly show them how to use HyperDev, since it seems to be significantly easier to use, and has much of the functionality that C9 and Heroku offer, without RAM limits, entering credit cards, and other hurdles for new developers.


HyperDev looks to be an interesting option. I’ve played with this platform just for five minutes but it’s easy to setup and get running. Low barrier to entry with minimal configuration, should be a winner.
I use C9, codeanywhere (really great platform too) and nitrous.io All of these online platforms have their place in helping developers to learn and get work done.




Thanks for your feedback. Wow - it sounds like you are an expert at developing apps in a browser. Would you be interested in writing an overview of these various tools for our Medium publication?

It would work and be more quick to run.
Easy start up
Simple interface

No native Mongo (c9.io is a linux instance so mongo is a package)
I did not find that they are running on a scale-able AWS instance.
No in editor linting
ES6 makes it explode.

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