Problem with this challenge Save your Code Revisions Forever with Git

In order to finish this challenge we need a c9 account but for me i don’t have a credit card to create an account on c9 eny suggestion for me ?
and thanks.

You can complete all the backend challenges and projects locally on your computer by installing Node and Git, and then completing the challenges in your terminal (Windows users may prefer Powershell or Git-bash over cmd; Mac and Linux users have nice ‘normal’ terminals).

Some people also use Hyperdev instead of C9 (although I don’t recall whether hyperdev has a terminal, which is required for the challenges).

Ok I will try that thanks.

I just finished the git challenge on my windows laptop locally without cloud9.
I had installed nodeJS and git first,
I had discovered that the git-it package that FCC is suggesting is no longer supported, you can find the current desktop app at
Be warned that the one task that has you add a ‘reporobot’ no longer works and you can skip that one lesson and still finish the others (per the git-it author).
Good Luck.

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