Codepen markdown.js

I am having problems using the markdown.js in codepen i just set up a console log using the marked function but get an error that marked is not defined shouldn’t it return html to the console. I get an error that marked is not defined.

link to codepen:

The library is named markdown (not marked).
You should read more about markdown here to see examples of using it.

ok thanks thats exactly what i was looking for some instructions

I just finished my markdown previewer and it looks like it works to me but it wont pass the sixth test. I cant see see anything wrong with it.

here is a link if someone wants to have a look at it:

It says that i am not putting anything with a <pre> tag into the editor on startup ive looked but cant figure out how to write pre in markdown.

You are using an old unmaintained Markdown parser library.

Switch to the suggested library marked.js instead.

Doing so will make you pass all but the last bonus challenge, which you can pass by using the options marked.js provides.

Thank you I spent hours trying to find out how to convert <pre> to markdown I never even thought to try a different markdown parser.