Codepen - Projects

When submitting a codepen project, are we allowed to use a project instead of a pen? Because I set up multiple directories on my computer with img and font files using VS code. Or do I have to find links to replace all the images and fonts? Then, I can put all the code on a pen by copy and pasting. Thanks! :smile:

you can certainly use projects but as free account you have a limited number of projects you can use

projects can be hosted anywhere, but you need to have: a live version and code publicly available - codepen makes this easy, but it’s up to you on what to use


One more thing…
I have some images in my web page and when I copy and pasting my code into my codepen and need to provide alternatives to my images because their source is from my computer files.

How should I fix this? I could find placeholder images using google images and then how do I get their image address? Some images don’t work for some reason. :

you can upload your images somewhere, maybe you can start familiarising with github