Codepen style form:

Sorry I put the link in the title. the freecodecamp forum won’t let me put links in here.

This does not look like codepen style at all to me.

Codepen uses less agressive color scheme and contrast, not just white on black. Using absolutely black color is bad practice, you need to light it up a little to make your page look softer. You need contrast that is good enough to be readable, but not oppressive to become uncomfortable.

Your form also floats in the middle of empty page without and visual clues to outline or point to it, that looks unnatural.

Your radio buttons do not have proper labels, so user can not pick his selection by clicking on text.

And those buttons that do have labels, for some reason have them empty, while text is after label tags are closed.

Overall, this page shows that you either forgot or skipped over all the basics presented before this project, so I would suggest revisiting section on Basic HTML and make sure you actually understand what is happening in lessons before you move further.