Codepen support NPM module?

I am currently building a dungeon crawler and I would like to use some NPM module. Does Codepen support NPM module and if so how would I import them and use them or else am I allowed to build one in Github to utilize the module.

you just need access to the library for the npm module. if you can copy/paste the module to a JS file in codepen, you can then link that codepen to your workign pen in the JS settings.

You can’t “install” the npm module in codepen, but you can paste the JS file in a separate pen.

Once I link my other pen how do I use the code on the other pen. (Ex: for d3 you do d3.method)

It’s really time to move beyond codepen. For FCC certificate purposes you can have your project hosted anywhere (Github pages etc.) as long as it’s accessible from the link you provide

No, you can’t use the modules. You can go to, look up the library you want to use, and paste the appropriate link in your JS sources.